Sunday, August 7, 2011

Episode 23: No Clear Theme

Show notes soon Done!!!


To MN for funeral, Mechanicals everywhere: delays everywhere, switching airlines-whew! We went camping locally! Upcoming Trips: New Jersey, Philly and MN for the wedding.


Lover's Knot Afghan , Interrupting Cow Socks


:( Nothing... again


Nothing til I finish blanket!

Ground Stop:

Life! Camping, work, just busy!


Spun up the 1st 4 oz of Highland Handmades Cherry Blossom and will hopefully finish the second 4 oz so I can ply them for next week.


Plurk Podcaster Challenge - Mother Bear KAL Enter to win a pattern to knit a bear! Will be giving away 2 actually!! Called out Erin from Mommy Needs Yarn. (totally meant in fun... I love Erin)

Monet from Plurk had a raffle to save a horse. I won the raffle. Beautiful yarn that she spun: 50/50 Merino Tencel Blend, ~635 yards! Gonna be Tracy's Shawl by Wendy Johnson. Thanks Monet!

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