Friday, April 24, 2015

Episode 149: It's a BOY!!!

  • Lots of outside work as it's getting into the 40s and some 50s most days. Still very cold nights.
  • Chicken run, garden clean up, planting flowers this weekend
  • Been flying Wendy a lot: local friends, friends from way up north. It's been great to stretch her wings again.
  • Winter had a very terrible exit.  One last snow storm dumped 6" of heavy wet snow on Maine. Lots of ice in MHT topped with snow. SO sick of her crap! Bring me summer!! PLEASE!
  • Septic
  • Super sick this past week, just terrible. and Not much I can do for it! 
  • Been trying to get together with Rachel of On The Round... universe is working against us! :) Comical at this point. 
  • Audit at work. UPS checking to make sure we are following safety guidelines. All went well!
  • Aruba in 4 weeks! A local business owner/acquaintance is also going to be there at the same time! Gave us a bunch of brochures to see what stuff is available to do while we are there. 
  • MN in June: My Dad's wedding and our baby shower weekend.
  • Jeremy's Sweater
  • J's Socks - not a stitch!! :)
Take off:
  • Picked out colors for a blanket of some kind: crochet or knit, but a feather and fan type, zig zag pattern
  • Hats
  • Booties
  • I think I'm going to stop doing Amazon banners.  There are very few people using it anymore, which is ok. But it doesn't make sense for me to do the drawings with so few using it. I know it is mostly because my podcasting has been so irregular and haphazard.  I do hope you are using  It does the same type of thing but it goes to your charity of choice! I shop through it to support DEW Haven here in Maine, An animal rehabilitation, educational haven for rescued and abandoned animals. They are great friends of ours and deserve every cent of my support. 
  • Package from Jan in Canada!

Chickens on the Fly:
  • 6 new babies to the flock. Moved outside this week at 4 weeks old. Will start integrating soon. 
Stork on the Fly:
  • IT'S A BOY!!!
  • Genetic testing all came back normal. YEAH!!!!!  So relieved.
  • Nausea is mostly gone, very tired still. If I rush too much, I feel badly.
  • Baby reveals: Ours, Mom's family, Dad's family, Honey's sister.
  • Anatomy ultrasound on May 8th.
  • First round of Glucose testing behind me and was also normal. Tested very early due to my BMI
  • Baby bump envy big time.
  • But I am showing(although people who don't know me, probably just think I'm chubby!)
  • Working on setting up some part time work for when I'm on maternity leave.
  • Doctor is very happy with the pregnancy so far. Wt is holding steady after regaining 3 of the 9 lbs I've lost. She's ok with that too. 
  • Very relieved on how well my company took it! Super supportive. Which is great. Also had to get my short term disability approved through Ameriflight. Thankfully that went well also.
  • Some have asked about gifts for our little peanut. There is a "Stork on the Fly" tab on the website. 3 registries listed and other notes and things on the "Baby list" registry. You can add things from other websites, kind of like adding things to pinterest! Many of the etsy people are people I know and like to support their businesses. 
  • It has happened already that I have liked something someone is knitting or crocheting and added it my queue and someone freaked out and contacted Heather to tell me to stop it! Please feel free to contact her if I do it to you! She'll tell me to back off!

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