Saturday, February 23, 2013

Episode 99: Buckle In!

  • Work last week
  • Friday- Andy worked for me, Ran for 810 flt... literally missed it by 1 min. Spent next 4 hours working on sweater very confusing for me. New work shoes, Erbert and gerberts, time with mom.
  • Sat- get together at Mom's. Families have come full circle! So fun! Also went and saw the vintage snowmobiles with my brothers
  • Sun - get together at Dad's. Games and lots of talking! Got to meet the new babies!
  • Mon- To Maureen's on Sunday night. Sick all night, sick all day, called out sick... FLU SUCKS!
  • Tuesday- meeting with ME dept of Labor
  • Been a slow recovery. very tired all week and low energy.
  • Upcoming: Women in Aviation in Nashville, ST. THOMAS!!! First trip in 3 years! So excited!
  • HAHA
Take Off:
  •  Probably baby stuff - So focused on Sweater who knows!
Ground Stop:
  •  Trouble with the Wheel again! Finally spoke to Dave at Schacht and got my answer!
  • Thanks for all the Valentine's!
  • Amazon redraw
  • Snuggles, prizes, backing by Keli of sheep dreamery! Donating a prize to the drawing! come on!
  • One treat thing coming from Tax return money. 
  • Lots of pictures and video's at the end.
Special TFR:
  • Schacht for sticking with me and not giving up... 

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