Monday, February 4, 2013

Episode 97: Welcome to Season 3!

  • Worked Tues and Wed, heather trapped at house with Carpet dudes, ALL DAY! Just took forever. 
  • Cancelled on Wed due to high wind and wind shear with the storm approaching, wild approach and then cx'd. drove up to Milo, and spent all night packing and cleaning. 
  • Thurs - we finished packing(in the windy, pouring rain) drove, trees down everywhere. will put a video at end with the sound of the howling wind. 45 mph at surface, 60 at 3000', and 80+ at 6000'
  • Friday - Work, Heather came down and we sat and chatted... spoke about recording and decided we would record our day on Saturday.
  • Saturday - Shred Level 3. Did the easier versions and did ok. Then went to SPA knit and spin in Freeport, Maine. WAS SO FUN! knitterphreek, pat, wendy, 4kittieshavei, jamlknitter, heather and I. I also met up with Sheepish1 and she gave me chocolates! Also met with VTknitboy and got a picture for my buddy, RJ, of myself and his lamb, Lot.
  • Um....
Take Off:
  • Not even thinking about it
Special TFR:
  •  My viewers! Look for prizes this month for my podiversary of beginning my 3rd year of podcasting!

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