Monday, January 28, 2013

Episode 96: The Sweater Bet

  • bitter cold and very turbulent, had fo's, worked all day friday, packed up Milo, tore out carpets, saw Heather for a bit, had Chinese food.
  • Carpets tomorrow, Heather is helping us out. 
  • Funeral tomorrow for my cousin, wake is right now
  • Gonna move my honey on Thursday. Work on Friday.
  • SPA in Freeport, ME on Saturday, thinking of a midday meet, so everyone will hopefully be around.
  • Going home to MN in a few weeks to spend time with Trevor's mom and with my grandma.
  • ha!
Take Off:
  •   Snuggles and baby things
  • RJ's QT's - test skein of mohair/wool(oops) blend is fabulous, go leave your feedback please at 
  • Kettleworx Resistance Day 1 - gotta get moving again
  • Snuggle Challenge - a new prize in the mail! Girl Cave Bag - here's a picture! You are gonna love it! Get those snuggles posted! 
  • Pure romance party
  • Amazon thanks for shopping!
  • Tried to go flying, battery dead.
Special TFR:
  • Thirtyone bag finally came. HUGE!

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