Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Episode 95: All over the place!

  • Snowed out until the last round trip on Wednesday, rest of week uneventful except for the wonderful welcome home to a fallen soldier, video at end of 'cast. 
  • Friday: Heather came down to visit, we had Thai food - delicious, went to a cheerleading comp, stayed up late: watching random tv stuff, Heather was getting the update ready and yapping into the wee hours. 
  • Saturday: Shredded(hard), did test dyes for my socks, she had a meeting with OTR(which seems to have gone well), I ran errands and prepped a delicious dinner for my honey for his coming home from work!
  • Sunday: Football day.  Very sad about the Pats, just didn't seem right somehow and no fines for all the head to head hits from the game. 
  • Monday: Went on a cleaning laundry binge, went flying and visited Honey's sister and nephew, gave him his first flight lesson, flew back to RKD and then got stuck in the plane! Had to call another plane to come and let us out. 
  • Loss in our family :(
  • Ran errands today and now doing this!
Take Off:
  • Snuggles after I finish the other
  • Amazon prizes claimed
  • Amazon thanks for shopping
  • RJ's QT's - test skein of mohair silk blend is fabulous, go leave your feedback please at www.barnontheweb.com
  • MGYC Jafarr!
  • Snuggle Challenge - a new prize on the horizon! will have more next week! You are gonna love it! Get those snuggles posted!
Special TFR:

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