Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Episode 92: Bring on 2013!

  • Worked Wednesday, off thursday due to Blizzard(honey drove in blizzard), Worked Friday. Was a mess friday. Runways were glare ice. cx's first trip and then flew the last 4 legs back to back. 
  • Saturday another storm moved in. Honey had to drive home in the heart of the storm. 5 hours each night, way worse on Saturday then forecast. 8" for us down here. Gonna be cold this week.
  • watched football and knit and spun on Sunday. Honey went to take a nap... Vikings had awesome drive with 2 min remaining and AP was trying to break the record and I was jumping up and down and screaming and my poor honey thought I was hurt... He was NOT impressed... 
  • Monday headed north to Milo for NYE. Went to Chinese with Heather, Paul and my honey. We came back and watched Brave and then played some Cards Against Humanity! SO FUN! It was nice to stay home and have a few drinks and not drive. Paul was the DD for himself and Heather, so they got home safely. 
  • Tuesday got honey a new phone from Walmart, crazy apple deals. Came home and doing this! 
  •  Amazon Winners! 3 from December! If you bought any of the following:
  • 1.
    Soffe Men's Running Short,Black,LGE
  • 2.
    DELON Intense Moisturizing Smooth Vanilla Body Butter 6.9 Oz
  • 3.  12 Super-lon #18 Cord Ideal for Stringing Beading Crochet and Micro-macram Jewelry Compatible with Kumihimo Projects S-lon Spring Mix
  • then contact me asap with a picture of the item and you or a receipt! and I'll send you a $20 gift card! If there are multiple items bought, only the first person who responds will get the card!
  • Snuggle Project With Sadie Check out her group for all details... prizes for the top 3 podcasters with the most snuggles for their drive... We took second last year! Lets do it again! can't double dip with podcasters, but can double between a podcaster and Sadie's group. (made sense?)
  • Thanks to lesley, Pixieknits for the Martina Behm Pattern... I totally forgot last week! SORRY!
  • Thanks to Vicki(dragonfly soars) for the woobies pattern set
  • Thanks to Coggie for the Calligraphy!
  • Thanks to H and P for the Christmas gift! awesome airplane bag made by Heather!
  • and my yarn from KITM! :) squee! First silver maple sock!
  • Picking a project from the bags!
  • For my Rant supporters... here is a Not safe for work little video.  It may be offensive as there is swearing but its someones music video response to internet haters. 
Special TFR:
  • 2013 - was a long year last year and had many many challenges. Thanks for sticking with me

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