Monday, January 7, 2013

Episode 93: Woolee Winder FTW!

  • Work fairly uneventful except for Bag armageddon, a nervous flyer, and Severe COLD! 
  • Lost the furnace on Thursday and it was only 50 deg when I got home. bbbrrrrr....
  • Lots of football this weekend... my Vikes lost and I was so sad, but not surprised
  • Lots of crockpot cooking on Monday, went to Chiro feel so much better.
  • Nada 
Take Off:
  • Will be asking honey to pick from one of the secret bags... if I don't love it, I'm giving it away!
  •  Did some 3 ply practice... I love how it came out! The colors combine in very cool ways.
  • Heading to SPA in Freeport, ME on Feb 2nd with Heather, go check the Rav group for the SPA meet up thread!
  • Amazon Winners! 2 unclaimed from December! If you bought any of the following:
  • 1.
    Soffe Men's Running Short,Black,LGe
  • 3.  12 Super-lon #18 Cord Ideal for Stringing Beading Crochet and Micro-macram Jewelry Compatible with Kumihimo Projects S-lon Spring Mix
  • then contact me asap with a picture of the item and you or a receipt! and I'll send you a $20 gift card! If there are multiple items bought, only the first person who responds will get the card!
  • Snuggle Project With Sadie Check out her group for all details... prizes for the top 3 podcasters with the most snuggles for their drive... We took second last year! Lets do it again! can't double dip with podcasters, but can double between a podcaster and Sadie's group. (made sense?) 
  • Throw down with Heather for Highland Handmades... Let's crush them!!! And thanks for the snuggles!
  • Thanks to willowfairy (Helena) for the Flying High airplane
  • Thanks to Leslie (shiftecat) for Amelia figure and plane
  • Thanks to CrazyMaria (maria) for Suki - thanks for watching and I'm glad you liked your prizes!
  • New to me podcasts: Sheep Dreamery with Kelly, Sheepish Podcast with HollyMel-Tran designs knitting corner with Melissa
Special TFR:
  • Propane to keep my house warm!

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  1. Just a note to say ... I Love you ... LOL Just kidding... Mom and I got a kick out of your whole propane thing but the truth is that if you have a wood burning stove (We do so trust me) your house would get even colder because it isn't consistant heat. You have to be there to stoke the fire and keep it going to keep the house warm ...