Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Episode 94: The Great Flyin' West Giveaway!!

  • Tues + Wed - boring
  • Thurs was very bumpy in the morning. Went to RUT in the afternoon and the winds finally calmed down! Whew
  • Fri was beautiful.  Also found out I will be getting a new RKD pilot as the other one is running for the Caribbean!! 
  • Nasty weather tomorrow... not sure what that is going to hold! short work week for me and a long weekend after! :) I love it! I'm so glad that the other pilot was flexible and we were able to work with each other and be flexible in our schedules... it really makes being in an out station easier, since there are only two of us in these small stations.
  • Sushi with my Honey last night. He is gone for the week for work. Flt was out of AUG and DFW flight was cancelled and I got it all fixed almost before he even landed in BOS! I love understanding this industry and having people on my side that can help me!
  • SPA in 2 weeks, CJ Kopec retreat in May, KITM in Nov, Maybe Rhinebeck... if weather is great, might do a day trip in Wendy. 
Take Off:
  • Surprise bag!
  • Baby stuff: 4 babies arriving by July... lots of very good friends welcoming babies! (none are mine, just to make that clear!)
  • Surprise Bag - merino from Heather that she got and gave to me to practice when I first go tmy wheel. Going to use as a plying strand, will go on a holder
  • Still waiting for my Woolee Winder - WHERE IS IT?!?!?!?
  • Amazon Winners! 1 unclaimed from December! If you bought the following
  • All prizes are claimed!
  • then contact me asap with a picture of the item and you or a receipt! and I'll send you a $20 gift card! If there are multiple items bought, only the first person who responds will get the card!
  • Snuggle Project With Sadie Check out her group for all details... prizes for the top 3 podcasters with the most snuggles for their drive... We took second last year! Lets do it again! can't double dip with podcasters, but can double between a podcaster and Sadie's group. (made sense?) 
  • Throw down with Heather for Highland Handmades... Let's crush them!!! And thanks for the snuggles!
  • Mel-Tran Designs - Clogging videos are totally awesome! great podcasts!
  • New to me podcasts: A down under Yarn Video W/ fifikins, heartland Knits with Vicky, Spin Control with Shilo, Swedutch Handcrafts w/ Annuska from Sweden,  and theorganizedknitter with Dawn
  • RJ QT's - www.barnontheweb.com
  • You have to go check him and his family out at their website. 
  • We are going to help each other out.  I am trying to have the most people knit snuggles for the FAL/KAL that Sadie is doing(and beat Heather), He is trying to make his yarn products better and needs feedback.  So here is our plan.  You need to note the secret code that was on the screen(not gonna give it to you here!) and go to my rav group and give RJ some general feedback about what you like in blends and what you don't like.  It doesn't have to be super specific(RJ's words, not mine) but he wants to make his products better. He has a CSAA, and shares sell out quickly when they are available. He rescues animals that being sold to slaughter and makes them part of his herd! It is a smallish herd right now, but is always growing! 
  • You also need to take that code and go to his blog (^above) and leave a comment in the blog to win the prize... what is the prize!?!?! You need to go read his blog... but it is pretty and fibery and delicious! GO LOOK!!  RIGHT NOW!
Special TFR:
  • My T-shirt rules!

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