Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Episode 101: All Vacation!

  • Sunday: Travel Day! Super easy! Made first flight! Car rental was weird, couldn't climb the huge hills, couldn't find driveway, no addresses. took car back.  Floor it til she kicks! really? Found hill assist. Helped! Driveway was STUPID steep. Seriously.  Got groceries, nothing open after 5 on Sunday, had a ham sandwich.
  • Monday: Went to beach, Brewer Bay. 8 - noon. Got sunburnt. Tried to paddleboard on inflatable. Much harder then normal paddleboard. Went to airport to get maps, saw some old friends. Headed to Bolongo Bay and Iggie's Beach Bar for lunch. Food was eh, but view was awesome. Painkiller and Rum Punch. Dinner at the Green House. SO GOOD! Bush wacker, bahama momma, bums and good service
  • Tuesday: Packed up to go camping. Very rainy day. Headed for the ferry to St. John. Got on right away, was pretty chilly. Andrea from Survivor was on our boat, and we couldn't place her until later. Also saw her at LA Tapa. Found the Campground. Very pretty even in the rain. Got our campsite: 37. Walked all the way down... Not amused. Honey went and got us a new spot. 33. Went down to the beach. HUGE waves. Very abnormal. Went shopping in town and found souvenirs. Hung out on beach and knit, while honey took in the scenery. Back to town for Dinner at LA Tapa. Very expensive, and I felt like I was on Top Chef. Confit, blah blah... But it was SO Darn good!!! Very very good service. Bartender lived in Maine. Worked on A catamaran based off the coast near me. For Chellie Pingree's Husband. Small world. Went back and slept!
  • Wednesday: Got up, packed up, went down to beach. We waited for the Beach sports building to open. 10 am in cruzan time. Rented a Hobie Cat. 16' sailboat. My first real sailing experience. IT WAS AWESOME! Headed back to the boat. Picked up my first hitchhikers on the island... twice! Went back to STT. Looked at flights and weather, packed up and headed for SJU. Just missed the 742pm BOS flight. Chatted with a really awesome B6 gate agent. Napped in the crew room. 
  • Thursday: Headed up at 145 am for the 310 am departure. Left on time, watched 2 movies, arrived at the beginning of the snowstorm, picked up rental car, drove home... stopped and had breakfast at Moody's. Got home, said hi to kitties, returned rental car and promplty passed out for 4 hours! 
  • Friday: laundry laid low... still very tired. Both of us fighting off something.
  • Saturday: laid low, was really nice to be able to relax. Weather in BOS/MA was awful but we didn't get anything in Maine. Went to Honey's sister and nephew's for tacos and nephews bday. 
  • Sunday: Honey feeling under the weather, napped. i organized my books. Went to Mr. Wat for my bday dinner. And got groceries for my work week. 
  • Monday: finished with chores and watched movies and organized. 
  • Upcoming: WIA in Nashville. Arrive Friday night, Leave Sunday early am. 
Take Off:
  • Baby stuff for Phil and Karin

  • Nothing - Wheel is at Schacht being fixed! SK guy was out with flu last week, so he just started working on it Monday(today)
  • Amazon prizes
  • Snuggles prizes
  • Meliabella 3 day for the Cure
  • Oyster Race - Krazy Kousins and it's on the Blog main page on the left. That links to my individual page. 4 donations already. 
  • Donations thru purchasing Heather(Boutrosbabe's) Level up Socks through Wednesday!
Special TFR:
  • Vacation rules
  • TFR: Temporary flight Restriction. Special TFR's are abnormal or extra secure Flt Restrictions

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