Sunday, March 24, 2013

Episode 103: One Extreme to the Other

  • Well after the last 2 weeks this is a huge let down in length of podcast!!
  • Trip to MN end of April
  • GGPL in May
Take Off:
  • Baby stuff for Phil and Karin(baby arrived safely today, mom and baby doing well)
  • Learned a new way to tie my leader... barely started on my Gnomeacres fiber. Opinion currently on hold
  • Plied HH
  • Amazon prize redraw again:  
  • Meliabella 3 day for the Cure
  • Oyster Race - Krazy Kousins and it's on the Blog main page on the left. That links to my individual page Thanks to Allison, Susan, Michelle(international I forgot to mention!), Barbara, and Deborah
  • Craft Lit spin off: Just the Books
  • Snuggles from Shirley and donating them!
Special TFR:
  • College hockey playoffs! LOVE COLLEGE HOCKEY! WCHA rules!

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