Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Episode 104: The SSSoD and HOCKEY!

  • Sunday - Maine maple sunday. Drove to Chandler's Sugar Shack.  Met Bobby Jr, one of the owner/operators. Gave us a tour and had some samples, bought some maple candy and maple cotton candy!
  • Work - Typical stuff. Went to ACK one day, ACK ACK... no likey. Soup travesty on Wed. Spring cleaning in the pilot room due to spillage. 
  • Super awesome hockey weekend. SCSU going to Pittsburgh for our first Frozen Four. Hoping to get off work and head to Pittsburgh for a couple days.
  • Home for Anniversary party and bro's baseball game last weekend in April, GGPL in May. Then into fun relaxing summer schedule!!
Take Off:
  • Still baby stuff
  • Gnomeacres as fast as possible and then onto the batts I made with Heather!
  • Amazon prize redraw again for March:  Will do April next week as the purchases aren't finalized. 
  • Meliabella 3 day for the Cure
  • Oyster Race - Krazy Kousins and it's on the Blog main page on the left. That links to my individual page thanks to Jenni, Anonymous, and Mary! So excited!
Special TFR:
  • Great weekend of college hockey. My poor honey was on overload!!  

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