Friday, August 30, 2013

Episode 123: Much Shorter

  • COLOR ME RAD! Flying, traffic,
  • Work - Pretty standard
  • Work - Wednesday - Fog, first RT cancelled
  • I have some other stressors going on, that I am not ready to talk about right now. But it has been eating up all my other free time. 
  • Wingspan
  • No
Take Off:
  • Purple Hats
  • Meltrandesigns: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night Walk on October 3 of this year. It’s a really neat experience where each participant gets a balloon with a light inside of it and the balloons are different colors based on if you’re walking in memory of someone, fighting the disease currently, or a survivor. It’s held in the evening and you literally light the night. I’m doing this in memory of my mom who died from Leukemia and I was hoping you would mention it on your podcast. Here is the link to my fundraising page-
  • ATexasYarn -  A Little Help From My Friends
  • debknits2 6 baby hats!
  • click for babies
  • Dragonfly Soars - thanks for promoting and help
  • Retreat
  • Sunnydayknits - running support
  • Candle from
Special TFR:
  •  Orange is the New Black

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