Thursday, September 12, 2013

Episode 124: So late!

  • Sun - Watched Olympus Has Fallen and the Law abiding citizen - both great!
  • Mon - Wx terrible, cx'd RT, i actually said it out loud numerous times
  • Bad wx again Tues, Mx issue, Flt Training with honey
  • Thurs -  Dog sitting
  • Fri - Bottled Wine, Dog sitting all week
  • Sat - Dump, Lowes, Hornets, Cleaned shed, groceries
  • Sun - Caught in rain, Bill picked me up, Wedding planning at the end
  • October Trip to Mn for wedding dress shopping
  • Retreat the last weekend of Oct
  • KITM in November
Take Off:
  • Purple hats
  • Something from my ready to go bin
  • None
  • Amazon Drawing and Thanks 
  • Running challenge - 96.6 km in Sept. I'm 36% there. 
  • Meltrandesigns: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night Walk on October 3 of this year. It’s a really neat experience where each participant gets a balloon with a light inside of it and the balloons are different colors based on if you’re walking in memory of someone, fighting the disease currently, or a survivor. It’s held in the evening and you literally light the night. I’m doing this in memory of my mom who died from Leukemia and I was hoping you would mention it on your podcast. Here is the link to my fundraising page-
  • ATexasYarn -  A Little Help From My Friends
  • Dragonfly7673 and Tiff: baby hats!
  • Click for babies -
  • Dragonfly Soars - thanks for promoting and help
  • Retreat
Wedding Stuff:
  • Thank you to those who have donated to our honeymoon fund... means the world to us. 
  • Save the Dates:  printed a bunch.  Then decided and ordered
  • Invitations - send me samples! Great idea!!!
  • Dj's - SOOO important
  • Videographer - to do or not
  • Oct trip home for Dress shopping with sister and mom
  • Almost done with the wedding party selections
  • Ordered possible props for center pieces
  • Colors almost selected. 

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