Monday, September 23, 2013

Episode 125: First World Problems

  • Saturday - Pumpkin Cookies FTW
  • Sun - Pax be crazy. 2 pax broke down, guy peed in a cup... G R O S S
  • Mon - 37:05 run! great run! I didn't want to go, but was so glad I did!
  • Wed - Car fixed, had to reroute repairs due to new problems, shopped at ac moore, checked out new hobby lobby, ate at new BWW, went to see Heather for a few hours and twisted some yarns, drove home, and got in a car accident.  I'm ok, car is banged up but drivable. 
  • Thurs - organized around house, went running, spoke to insurance, ran errands
  • Fri - Errands, addresses for wedding, new podcast, got more baby hats!
  • HOTF Retreat - Oct 24-27th
  • KITM Retreat - Nov 8-11
  •  Purple Baby Hats

  • fund drive- A Podcaster network to link up with podcasters and podcast watches and possible a host site!
  • Running challenge - 96.6 km in Sept. I'm 54% there.  
  • Had a great run and a poor run... it happens.
  • Meltrandesigns: Leukemia & Lymphoma Society’s Light the Night Walk on October 3 of this year. It’s a really neat experience where each participant gets a balloon with a light inside of it and the balloons are different colors based on if you’re walking in memory of someone, fighting the disease currently, or a survivor. It’s held in the evening and you literally light the night.
  • ATexasYarn -  A Little Help From My Friends
  • Holy Baby Hats from: Crojulee, knittybarb(and Tracie), crojulee, knitterphreek, cookieladyknits, kathyg, Melcauble
  • Donations for prizes!
    Knittingsmybag: Lois donating a bag
    Rae Lynne's stitch markers shop: Chase Art
Special TFR:
Wedding Stuff:
  • Save the Date's came, had them stuffed in about 10 min, stamped and return addresses applied within an hour.  Excited much??? 
  • Waiting on last few addresses from Dad
  • DJ is getting narrowed down
  • Videographer contact was made on Wednesday. Very excited! Sounds like the perfect crew for us!

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