Friday, January 9, 2015

Episode 146: Bags Everywhere!

Time contriant things first:
  • RJ's doing a kickstarter to help finish a barn for their hands on sheep care to wool product learning process at their farm. Please help if you can and spread the word! 
  • Friday Studios - Sent me a lovely bag for review! It's fantastic!! Obviously I love the fabric, but very sturdy, well made, and very beautiful.   Visit her at:
  • Mom came to visit, visit with maggie on tday, got wx'd out of work! crazy weather!  Decorated tree friday. friends on Saturday and parade!
  • Work at UPS was crazy! 20-25 hours a week there
  • Took honey to his helicoptor lesson from his wedding gift. He loved it... now he wants one!
  • License honey is done!
  • Photo books for family members
  • Christmas at home... muscled my way to that!
  • Lots of prezzies!
  • CAH - box of $hit, huge puzzle led to...
  • SLOTH adventures!
  • Aryn - Bling your String baby
  • Dinner with Heather and Paul, love stretching out christmas!
  • Husband sweater
  • Husband Socks
  •  Baby sack! SEWING!
  • Coggietm patterns giveaway thread is up! 
  • Amazon winners nov, dec
 For the Chickens:
  • FIRST EGG! OMG! doing great in the cold
  • free ranging a lot more lately

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  1. Will you let me know when you list on eBay again? We LOVE CAH and this would be a fun thing to have! I couldn't find your listing :)