Monday, February 9, 2015

Episode 147: Snow, Snow and Snow!

  • Work: been cold and snowy. but days are getting longer and I love it!
  • Booked our pre-honeymoon warm up trip to Aruba last week. Mid May is the trip! So pumped!
  • 22nd: Chicken attacked by Coyote. Shot twice, no sign since.
  • Snow began: 8", then  23", then 14", then 6".  We are getting 6-10" today. Not far from where Honey works, they got 76" in 10 days. Oi Vey! Running out of places to put the snow, literally.
  • The good thing is that the storms have been so bad that our flying has been cancelled a lot.  Makes my stress level a lot lower. tomorrow may be a challenge. 
  • Hangar roof
  • Last Thursday night, I was trying to deice the plane and the prop spun and i walked right into it. Hence the black eye and cuts on my face.  Hurt more fri and saturday then it did when it happened actually.
  • Honey sweater
  • Honey socks
  • Shawls
  • Amazon winner.
  • Been crazy busy shipping out lots more sloth cards.
  • Cleaning craft room still. Just so much stuff to organize
  •  Pellet stove doing awesome! Best money I've spent in the long time, besides our wedding!!
  • The pattern for the wedding shawl made by mountainpurl is Belarra
For the Birds:
  • Coyote attack. Fezzy, Chicken, Nickel and Dime remain. Eggs still flowing. Chicken was injured but has recovered.
  • They are sick of being cooped up. But they won't go walk in the snow, so they come out on the deck and squawk a bunch and then go back in.

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