Saturday, April 16, 2011

Episode 11

Welcome back!  Episode 11 for your viewing pleasure!

Jet setting:

Weekend was awesome, Long weekend with Honey home really enjoying the lack of travel... too bad for you guys though!, Car shopping on Monday! New car! 2007 Hyundai Santa Fe.  Old Acura was blowing a head gasket which was going to cost $2500... not worth it for a 16 year old car!  Work has been insane: Tuesday was beautiful, Wednesday was a mess: Severe weather in the Northeast, cancelled a round trip, sat around, cancelled the last trip!  Great for me to get off early, lots of knitting time, but awful for my pax.  Flights were crazy full on thursday, but good!  Friday was awesome!

                                                 The new wheels!!


La Vie socks, Vanilla Socks, FLS almost done!!!!! YEA! Started a Sheldon Blanket for Karin and Phil



Take Off: 

Baby socks? Maybe booties? Hats? help! Leave them in the episode thread on Rav or here if you aren't on Ravelry

Ground Stop:

Busy busy... CFI renewal, Car shopping, Financial planning


Only small amount done, not noticeable change


Kandiland - gifted me Moody Kerchief by Kirstin Kapur last week!  BeaGin Stitch markers in Viking and Twins colors, Wollmeise - Twin Gaspzcho colorway and Happy Housewife Perfumes! eekk!  Love them!  Spring is getting closer! I can feel it! Maryland Sheep and Wool and Schacht Sidekick News!


Sorry for disappearing... I was so annoyed, hope you didn't hear my swearing as I looked for the markers! I found them and here are pictures!



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