Saturday, April 23, 2011

Episode 12: Pretty Things

Pretty stuff, surprises, knitting and events!


Work was crazy, lots of driving, Car into the shop-UGH, No jetsetting for me, the jetsetting came to me! Wonderful Surprise on Thursday night, Heading back to MN next weekend.


La Vie Socks, Sheldon blanket, Heidi's Wedding Blanket, vanilla socks, VVSB


:( sorry nothing AGAIN!

Take Off:

Hoping to get some baby socks(still sorting through patterns that everyone recommended!) and a hat made, and maybe some cloths to use up some of my cotton!

Ground Stop:

Busy working and spending time with my honey!


Hoping to get the 2nd half of TKG SAL finished!


MDSW, Sidekick, Knitmore girls mention, So many new podcasts I want to try out,  planning easter dinner tomorrow, The BeaGin Markers are found!

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