Sunday, May 1, 2011


Lots of crazy traveling, knitting, a finished object and chatter!!

WX WAS AWFUL!!  8 in 24 issues, turbulent, lots of cancellations Thursday, stranded in BOS, flew to MN early, no bags!, sister time, dress shopping success! See picture below! Back to BOS, drove to Maine! 


 La Vie Socks, Vanilla Socks, Sheldon Blanket, Heidi's Blanket


FEBRUARY LADY SWEATER!!! I have buttons!!!

Take Off:

Dishcloths-maybe.  baby hats-hoping to do a few.  Just so many things have popped into my head.

Ground Stop:

Nice outside, other things (sorry can't spill the beans yet)


Finished my Knit Girllls Spin A Long fiber.  4 oz done, spun 2 oz just today!  Will try to ply tomorrow if I have time. 


Twisted Limone, and I fell off the truck and ordered some String Theory(how dare they update on a payday) Turbulence and safety, MDSW- see the ravelry thread.  I will be there Friday night, Sat and Sunday.  Sunday 12-5p at the Wild Fibers Booth.  But you all know what I look like and I'll figure out what I'm wearing Saturday and let everyone know!

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