Monday, June 6, 2011

Episode 17: High Flyin'

Joint 'Cast with Heather of the Fiberista Files and Highland Handmades Fiber and Yarns!

Find The Fiberista at:

And her blog:

Mad Color Fiber Arts is where I bought the cupcake and the Red rocks colors.  So Yummy!


  1. Ya'll were having to much fun. :)


  2. Love seeing you two together!

  3. Just watched the podcast and I LOVED it! The two of you were so much fun to watch and I was cracking up! Very enjoyable and I think you should record together more often. =)


  4. I loved it! I hope you two can do more together!

  5. I'm just catching up on a bunch of your videos & just want to say how much I enjoy them -- you have such great enthusiasm about your life and things in your life -- it is very contagious LOL I've been a "passenger" for my whole life and moved around the world for 50 years (I kid you not) and fortunately never had any issues. But flying has just not had fun in the last few years traveling "en mass" and with the poor stewardess having to do luggage overhead triage and all of that. You make it sounds so seamless but I can't imagine all the "miles" you actually rack up going to and fro all the time! Anyway, we all thank you for the work you do -- great fun to watch you!