Saturday, June 25, 2011

Episode 19: Progress

Episode 19: Progress


Flying the new job this week, 1 shuttle day, trip to PA, and workshop day to Boston area. Loving it! The plane is awesome and the I like the people! What a great combination! Took a few people flying this week: My honey's nephew and his little friend and Honey and I went one night and took Heather, (Boutrosbabe) flying on Friday! All parties loved it! Wednesday I met up with Heather and Knitterphreek on Wednesday to have lunch and hang out on Heather's birthday! She got some great presents, I'm sure she'll share in her podcast on Sunday!


La Vie de Bois Socks, SMS, Heidi's Blanket


Ass Quack Hat - Laura Wilson-Martos

Vanilla Socks
- Own pattern in 3 Ewes Twisted in Fiber

Take Off:

Maybe socks, need to finish the blanket by end of July!


Nothing! I've been uber productive with the new work schedule!

Holding Pattern:

Kathadin - on the light spindle still pluggin a long, not much progress this week.


New Viewers this week, lots of new friends on Rav and Plurk. Views have dropped, hoping its just summertime and not that I'm turning people off or driving them away. VKN troubles still, dumb computer. My opinion of Jared Flood and Stephen West. Hope no one hates me because of it!!

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