Thursday, July 7, 2011

Episode 20: I FORGOT!!!

Babble about the new job, lots of knitting and other crafting, and falling down!


Work! Off last week, had a checkride with Cape Air fogged out on the 4th attempt, finally got it on the 5th, drove to see honey. Work has been crazy post-holiday: Boston, Princeton, NJ, White Plains, NY, Boston again. spending the day in Boston area while pax are in meetings! Upcoming: Possibly Tennessee next week for a drop off, But quiet. August will have a lot more jetsetting!


La Vie de Bois SocksInterrupting Cow Socks , Lover's Knot Afghan   for my cousin's Wedding


SMS FINISHED!!!  Woot First shawl that I've EVER finished!!

Take Off:

NOTHING, at least at the moment. When stuff strikes me, I go!

Ground Stop: 

Been crafting a lot! making project bags too!


Kathadin by Highland Handmades, on my drop spindle, also from Highland Handmades!


Mean Girls Yarn Club:
Done by La of Dizzy Blond Studios All details at the link.  It is a super good deal both by cost and by number of shipments! If you join, mention in your notes to seller that you heard it from me! (I get entered in a drawing for a slot in the club)

Plurk Podcaster Challenge:
Some Podcast fans on Plurk have put together a challenge for podcasters. I think 25 podcasters signed up and they ended up capping it at that.  Fans are/have picked out a challenege project for each podcaster and we will be doing it during the beginning of September!

I fell down:

Vesper Update: I bought Verbana

Highland Handmades:  I bought some mohair to spin, sorry no pic, but it should be in my hot little hands when I get home tonight!

Made some stitch markers and some project bags!

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