Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Episode 22: White Water Rafting and Stuff


Honey's vacation, bought a pop up and renovated it, 2 year anniversary with my Honey with a dinner at Longhorn Steakhouse, presents for my airplane and a new video camera! Crazy work schedule. Camping with Boutrosbabe of and her hubby.  Then we went WHITEWATER RAFTING! OH YEA! Huge scary thing for me, but I ended up loving it!  See the link(photo) below to see all the pics.



Lover's Knot Afghan , Interrupting Cow Socks


Another preemie hat with eyelets!

Take Off:

Nothing! I have to buckle down on cousin's blanket

Ground Stop:

No knitting catastrophe's, just busy spending time with my honey, renovating the camper and enjoying time with him!


THE SIDEKICK IS HERE!  She is an awesome machine and I love it! so cool!  Working on Highland Handmades, Cherry Blossom BFL.  I got Wheel warming gifts from Boutrosbabe/Heather.  2 spinning books on loan to help learn about the wheel processes, some bfl from her own personal stash and some SW Merino! I'm so spoiled! She helped me a ton this weekend with the wheel.  Thanks Heather!


General Blabber! Have a great week!

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