Saturday, July 16, 2011

Episode 21: Love the Weather



Boston Area, Nashville, TN for a few hours, Next week is super busy, bummer cuz my honey is on Vacay. Heading to MN for Cousin's wedding next month.


Interrupting Cow Socks , Lover's Knot Afghan  for my cousin's Wedding


 La Vie de Bois Socks, and My Spiral Scrubbie

Take Off:

Preemie Hats and a Starving Musician

Ground Stop:

La Vie Stitch situation, been pretty productive!


Still Kathadin by Highland Handmades, on my drop spindle, from Highland Handmades!

Getting my Sidekick next week. Just so excited! eeekkk!!!


Mean Girls Yarn Club: I won the prize! Thanks to the viewers who signed up and let Laura know it was from my podcast! I am a member of the club because of you all! Thanks Again!

Holy Crap! I have viewers everywhere! Well at least according to Blogger! USA, UK, Ukraine, Netherlands, France, Germany, Australia, South Korea, Norway and Canada! Wow! Thanks for the views!


  1. Hi Katie. I enjoy watching your podcast. I love all the yarn and fiber hanging on the wall behind you, it makes a great backdrop.

    I live on the east coast too (Massachusetts), and I'm not enjoying the heat. I'm a cold weather person, so I grumble all through the summer. lol

  2. Another great ep!

    On the interrupting cow socks, you are doing nothing wrong, no extra rows... the back will just be longer than the front because of all the slipped stitches. I thought the same thing when I made them. Just keep going tell the bottom is where it should be, and it will all work out after the gusset is done and you start the leg.

    Grats again on Winning the Mean Girls Club, I am sure you will love it!

  3. Hi,
    I am Teresa Fussell, neilsnana on ravelry and I watched your podcast for the first time this week. I live outside Nashville so I guess it was the Nashville Karma that led me to your show! Love your new blogspot!