Monday, October 3, 2011

Episode 31: All the pretty hats!

*Music is my Dad's polka band that he played for before I was born*


Finally back to work, super busy week coming up, knitting to also get done, Traveling in 10 days for cousins wedding. Airplane news :( sad stuff.  May also be teaching a certain person how to waltz for the upcoming wedding! Dancing in the hangar! It was awesome!


Cable Comfort Throw
Interrupting Cow Socks
Scathach's Hat #2



Take Off:

Ambroso Mittens, and another Scathach's Hat(#3)

Ground Stop:

Been a good week with no disasters!




PURPLE HATS!  Everywhere! Its awesome! And a LOT of you have my address to send them to! Try to get them in the mail by the 15th please.  That will give me time to drive them up to the hospital!


Ambroso Mitten KAL with Erin at Mommy Needs Yarn

Naming my wheel suggestions: Hotpinksocks and coggietm: Goose(What a more perfect name for your wheel than…..Goose! Your wingman! Lol!!!! (Top Gun)) and Piper(The name is associated with those who are creative, inventive, and ingenious in practical matters, such as handicrafts. It is also a good single prop ;))

Winners are drawn for Mother Bear donations and the Scathach's hat KAL! Please contact me with your info! Please go vote for the Plurk Podcaster Challenge.  And also go add this tag to all your patterns that you knit for the challenge:  PPC2011   I think it makes you eligible for prizes from Knittingsmybag, Lois, who was our fearless leader and supporter!

Donation from Sarah at the Apple Blossom and More has donated 3 patterns from her shop.  Great patterns and charts.  Will mention it again and again over the coming weeks. Thanks Sarah!

Special TFR:

New Section so I can share a favorite item, recipe, pattern or whatever strikes my fancy!  This week:

Dumbo!!  My favorite childhood movie!

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