Thursday, October 20, 2011

Episode 33: So Many Things To Talk About


Work has been crazy: Wednesday last week: RKD BED BST HVN SYR BST BED.  Overnighted in Bedford, MA. Thursday: BED BWI TEB BED SYR TEB HVN.  There I got out and drove 2.5 hrs to BOS to meet up with the honey to catch our flight. Saw old friends in MSP, went to a rockin' wedding, split and stacked some wood for my mom... busy weekend!  Next month will be Crazy for work!!  Knittin' in the Mitten is the first weekend of November and I will be arriving a little late.  Actually very early in the morning, but later then most!


Interrupting Cow Socks
Scathach's Hat #2
Ambroso KAL Mittens 
Test Knit for Heather at Highland Handmades - Hat for the honey!



Take Off:

Baby Hats

Ground stop:

I'm loose.   I mean I'm a loose knitter so the test knit and the Ambroso mittens had numerous attempts at getting gauge.  But it's finally figured out.


nothing, but need to get the merino/tencel done and plied so I can have the bobbins for Knittin' In The Mitten


OMG HATS! I will post a picture at some point of the pile of hats I have already.  Thank you for all your patience as I struggle through my first charity drive. All hats are accounted for, just have grown legs and moved around! Thank you to everyone.  Drawing will be done next time and I'll try to get more organized!

Podcasters who have donated: (If I miss you, please email or pm me... it was not intentional)

Froggymonkey: Knitting In Circles
SillyFru: Sassy Pants Knitter
SockBunny: sockbunny knit and fit
KnittingSamauri plus 1 podcast

Package from Podcaster Challenge package I got:

Mini Spidle from Spinerosity
Fiber Sample from Bartlett Yarns here in Harmony, Maine 
Notepad, pocket mirror and Stitch Markers from KnittingsmyBag
Wooden Knitting needles - size 8
Bottle of Bvlgari lotion
A sample skein of Miss Bab's in A Day At Aunt Viola's donated by Knittingsmybag!
and a goodie bag with coupons from Ethereal Fibers and Wolfe Farms(soap sample also)

From my KAL Prize Package I received: 

4 oz Polworth - Pitch Pine Top int he Forest Path colorway from Highland Handmades
1 pattern from Apple Blossom & More
1 skein of custom dyed yarn from Ethereal Fibers

I love the prizes. thank you so much for donating to the Podcaster Challenge! Great job, Lois!

Special TFR:

My iPhone.  I didn't say that, but it is my special being now... Still trying to figure out all the stuff, but it's going well.

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