Friday, October 7, 2011

Episode32: HOLY COW!


Work has been crazy and getting worse, MN trip from madness next week. Sad news from the airport.


Interrupting Cow Socks
Scathach's Hat #2
Ambroso KAL Mittens


Cable Comfort Throw
Take Off:

baby hats!!!

Ground stop:

Not really much: been very productive, but not nearly enough. need to finish project bags, tree skirt, blanket and hats ASAP! EEEeeekkkk!!!! Ambroso project has been frogged twice. 


*head hanging in shame*  None... again!


We won the KAL prize (HH fiber, how ironic)  We took second with the bears.  We had 50, and Knitabulls edged us with 66... but we ended up with more then 250 bears for the Mother Bear Project! YOU ALL ROCK!  Working on finishing making bags for the prizes... sorry!!  They are coming!

I got a donation from allison1031. Thanks so much for thinking of me... it will be used for shipping of prizes! :)

PURPLE HATS: Holy crap! they are pouring in! summerieday(April), tgknits(trish), crojulee(jullee) 14 hats, hishandmade(Dianna) came in this week!

Ambroso KAL with Erin at Mommy Needs Yarn... I have cast on, and so many people are tearing through it! I can't wait to get mine rocking along! Sarah at Apple Blossom and More has donated 3 patterns from her shop as prizes for those who KAL with me during October! Thanks so much for the donation. she has great patterns and the charts are fantastic! perfectly sized! gotta find some yarn for the shawl!

Sarah at the Rainlover Podcast - Has a sock pattern - Ribbons for Mom - that has all proceeds going to breast cancer research. The donations will go on forever, as long as the pattern is up.  She has close family that has battled Breast Cancer and this is her response... what a way to give back.

Special TFR:

Rosemary Chicken with Orange-Maple Glaze

OH MY GOODNESS!  In love... my honey even ate the leftovers the next night... and he doesn't do leftovers... :) SUCCESS!!

Carmel Apple Cake - mom's recipe... so delicious!

And Mom's Pumpkin Cream Cheese cookies... oh my goodness!

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