Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Episode 34: Cool Stuff is a Comin' your way


Work back and forth to Boston, big jetsetting to PHL and TEB, then off to Knittin' in the Mitten in Michigan hosted by CoggieTM. Will be arriving late, but will get there! Work is still just crazy nuts.


Interrupting Cow Socks
Scathach's Hat #2
Ambroso KAL Mittens  - hate


Honey's Hat

1/2 landed: One Interrupting cow sock!

2 purple baby hats 

Take Off:

Some stripy socks in Vesper "Smoke On The Water" for Knittin' in the Mitten, need some mindless knitting for all the yakking I'm gonna do. My honey picked the yarn 

Ground Stop:

Been busy on sock and baby hats and finishing the honey hat! 


Finished the Merino/Tencel in Peotic from Highland Handmades
Need to ply it, but there is no more fiber left!


Mean Girls Yarn Club Shipment Spoiler: Yarn(Christine), sucker and a tea kit for your purse! 

Delivered 163 baby hats to the distribution center.  Next year I will email you the labels... that was a lot of labels! I am floored by the amount of hats I got. I was hoping for 30 or so.. you all blew me away!

Donations of towels and blankets to D.E.W. Wild Kingdom. We WILL reimburse you for shipping. Can be old, miscolored, stained. But PLEASE make sure they are clean. Dirty laundry is not fun to get as a donation.

Knittin' In The Mitten: Nov. 3-6th. I will arrive on Friday morning super early! Got an awesome ride to the retreat and I totally fan girled her. I had no shame. OH BOY! haha, she is a good sport. So pumped for my FIRST retreat! WOOT! I am gonna meet some awesome people! Be prepared for clips through out the weekend on my youtube channel: for the podcast!

Work has been so Psychotic!   HUGE ups and downs! So crazy! I got a raise, spoke about the busy-ness of the schedule. Then when I asked about the retreat days off, my boss had totally forgot about it, but it's going to work out almost perfect! :) 

Special TFR:

Electric Screwdriver to wind off the bobbin onto my $1.25 cardboard bobbin.

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